"I've had professionals from all walks of life mention to me how impressed they've been with my website. Hollywood actors, producers, musicians and management - radio and TV personalities - webmasters, developers and other IT professionals to name a few. My site is my business card and promotional / marketing material all wrapped up in one. And all along, Noelle was able to take my unorganized, ramblings of what I wanted for a site and create exactly what I had imagined. Noelle is one of those rare gems in the world of techies...she is able to listen, suggest, create and design, and ultimately come through with the goods... when you want & how you want. Thanks to Noelle, after only two years, we now have over 40 countries around the world logging into our site on a regular basis!"

Drew Marshall
Host of The Drew Marshall Show

"Dandercas Design has provided me with prompt, accurate service - whether for simple changes, or creating something new. As a riding coach and trainer, it's a relief to be able to delegate the technical side of maintaining my website, so that I can focus on what I do best. Noelle has made this possible, and I receive many positive comments about my site."

Lindsay Grice
Practical Training for Horses and Riders

"Artistic flair! Not only does Noelle design sites that present information well, she creates sites that present beautifully. The moment you log onto www.dyfa.com you sense the fabulous energy of kids and their performing arts in Dufferin. Education administrators, teachers, parents and students themselves have told us so, for beyond professional standards and product, Noelle has brought the intuitive enthusiasm and ability of an artist to her work."

Wendy Carter
Coordinator, Dufferin Youth Festival of the Arts

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